Art of Digital London – Sadler’s Wells – Welcome

This is a live blog of the Art of Digital London event at Sadler’s Wells, London.  If you spot any errors or inaccuracies, please leave us a comment.  Either way, please join the conversation!

Quite excited to be live blogging the Do The Arts Speak Digital event.  There’s a stellar line up of speakers, Dame Liz Forgan, Ekow Eshun, Charlotte Higgins, Bill Thompson and Meg Pickard of the Guardian.

Bill Thompson is now doing the house keeping.  Jokes about us all twittering incontinently.

#getambition hash tag will be streamed 

Liz Forgan is now introduced.

Very pleased to see how many people are here.  Particularly pleased to have established the partnership with the Guardian, Meg Pickard, Charles Author.  Also here, Channel 4, Britdocs.  Will  be developing the relationship.

Know that many arts orgnaissations have already started sharing their work online.  Other orgs sharing their media experiences, Royal Opera House and more.

Has just learnt abut MIDI from Peter Gregson.

ACE not to be just inspirational and generous but also to be useful.   Idea is to help people learn how to have access to digital world.   Digital opportunities one of priorities till 2011.

Comissioned work with Film Council.  Commisssioned research with MTM looking at current online output.  Synovate have looked out general perception of arts provision online.

Rolled out AmbITion roadshows of which this is the last.   This starts London’s group.

It’s hang on to your hats time.   We don’t have all the answers but often know someone who does.

Rachel Baker from ACE London now introduces today’s events.

Backdrop to this day is the Digital Britain report which provides a roadmap to digital development in the UK.

The Guardian’s reporting of this was key to her access of it, and much of today’s agenda arranged around writers/features in the Guardian.

Charles Arthur, PDA Blog, all very inspirational to her and she is happy to see them here.

Arts orgs aware that they are sitting on very valuable content.  Question is how do they enable access to this for their audiences.

Peoplespeak will be linking blogs and other online  content during the day.  Specialists at enabling people to speak using a number of digital platforms.

Today is about enabling those not as fluent as Peoplespeak.  Do speak!

Ekow Eshun now speaking.  Shares how the ICA website, redeveloped from an informational resource is now one of the top arts organisation websites.

Whilst there is vast potential for progress, the constraint is money.  The real question posed by our connected world, this digital Britian is how it affects what arts organisations deal with the public.

Chris Anderton’s Free inspired him to scrap a membership fee to attending ICA events? The idea that a barrier was in place anachronistic.

When access is faster, as it is now, it places an onus on organisations to change and become engaged and capable to respond to the passions of their public.

Recent series, ‘Talkshow’ month long, screenings, workshops, all free, encouraged public dialogue and interaction.   Suggested donation of £1.

Become a less fixed and structured venue, more about collaboration and less about ‘show and tell’.

A marker to becoming a place genuinely interested in engagement with audience.

How do we interact with our audience?  This is the question not ‘Do the Arts speak digital?’

We are already speaking digital.

Up next: a panel discussion with Charlotte Higgins, writer of the Guardian’s Culture Blog


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