Art of Digital London – Sadler’s Wells – Peter Gregson Interview

This is a live blog of the Art of Digital London event at Sadler’s Wells, London.  If you spot any errors or inaccuracies, please leave us a comment.  Either way, please join the conversation!

And we’re back!  We’ve listened to a very nice selection of contemporary music pieces performed by award-winning cellist Peter Gregson.

Peter Gregson now being interviewed by Hannah Rudman, director of AmbITion.

Hannah asks if The Words on the Wall, the projection of words by Peter during his performance is a distraction.

He answers that people have the option of concentrating on just the music if they wish.  It’s about engaging people on different levels.

Hannah asks if he asked for Obama’s permission before distorting his voice in the sample of his inauguration speech in one of his pieces.  He answers that he sent him a copy but doesn’t know if he listened to it.

Hannah asks what Peter’s business model is.

He answers that his Point of Sale is at the concert venue.  He explores freemium and paid models.  He has explored being a musician and being in the record industry but would have to sell millions of records if he just did that.

Questions from the floor:

Q: Has the software crashed before?

Yes, it did in Twitter’s offices, their server crashed.

Q: What software is powering the Words on the Wall?

It’s a Flash application.

Q: Are you a programmer?

No, I have friends who wear much thicker glasses than mine who can help.

Q: Have you thought of incorporating feedback from the web/Twitter into your actual performance?

Peter says he has considered it but in dealing with democracy, if the same number of people decide something is too loud/soft, it stays the same.

Q: Former cellist asks how easy or difficult it would be to play on the electronicdimensions, though much like a cello fretboard with a stand, is identical to an acoustic cello.  Could quite as easily play Bach on it.

Peter then plays another piece to end.


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