Art of Digital London – Sadler’s Wells – Further Field

This is a live blog of the Art of Digital London event at Sadler’s Wells, London.  If you spot any errors or inaccuracies, please leave us a comment.  Either way, please join the conversation!

Ruth from Further Field shares about their work.

Started out as a DIY web developer in the 90s, now run a substantial online platform, both for debate and for collaboration, allowing people to make things in real time.

The technology and the infrastructure are key to it.  The issues they struggle with are openness and how you make collaboration.

The controversy that arises is what produces the audience.  Core to their drive is a belief that it is through critical engagement with technology that we co-construct our culture.

We are not just passengers, we are mutual drivers.  Open-source very important to them.

Jeremy Bailey, Canadian artist, live video performance artists, programmer.

Uses YouTube to explore the tension between being an artist in its original form and the need for mass market.

Here’s his Video Terraform Dance Party

Questions from the floor:

Q: For Peter Gregson, why did you say you didn’t want to be political in reference to your piece that samples Obama’s inauguration speech?

A: Peter answers that it was neither relevant or necessary.  He would be happy to have used John McCain’s speech but Obama has much better delivery.

Q: The video was a bit reminiscent of Sim City, is it?

A: Ruth says that they support artists who create using Sim City.

Q: How do you support such artists?  It seems almost hobbyist.
A: Ruth says they provide an infrastructure that supports artists to create for these mediums.

Next up: Mukul Khan, Ambient TV

Hybrid media an example of which is a project called Virtual Borders which followed a village headman from Thailand to China and then broadcast the information back to China.

Other projects, building a wireless network in East London in 2000/1 to connect independent artists around the city.  A completely self-run, self-organising network.

Hardware from plastic pipes, all the computers, donated.

Next project: Faceless.  Feature length sci-fi movie made entirely from CCTV camera footage accessed using the Data Protection Act.

The protagonists the only person with a face.

Other projects: trYptichon, visualizing location data from mobile phones.  Created an architecture of text based on the location of the phones.

Looking at the security industry.  Another project: The Orchestra of Anxiety, a harp made out of razor wire.

Visitors are invited to play the harp using electronic gloves.

Love, Piracy, and the office of religious weblog

An interview with an Iranian scholar has been turned into a book which has a 1500-word section censored except one word.

You can read the rest of the book by joining with others to share which word is not censored in your copy.


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