AmbITion North West Roadshow – Questions From The Floor

This is a live blog of the AmbITion Roadshow North West  event at the NOVAS Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool.  If you spot any errors or inaccuracies or would simply like to contribute to the conversation, leave us a comment!

A panel made up of Hannah Rudman, AmbITion director, Alex Fleetwood from Hide and Seek Festival, Dave Moutrey from Cornerhouse and Bill Thompson from Writers’ Centre Norwich now take questions from the floor about the day so far.

Q:  If “3% of the world is connected to broadband” as in Hannah’s presentation are we in danger of creating a digital elite?

A: Mobile connectivity becoming more prevalent.  Netbooks and other small computers allow more mobile internet access.

Though in the UK many have access to broadband, mobile internet access is a way of bridging the digital divide.

Q: Is Hide and Seek festival video available online?


H&S: Yes, it’s up on YouTube. Also embedded on the Hide and Seek website.

Q: Can Basecamp replace Artifax?


H&S: Hide and Seek as an organisation that has never had any really funding, they’ve always used free, open source technologies.   It’s all about using tools like this to change how you work, like Bill has shared.

Worth talking to developers who don’t have a vested interest in selling you a ticketing or event management tool.

HR: Basecamp used for AmbITion and AmbITIon organisations now taking it up.  It is worth looking at how discussions are made to put pressure on suppliers of ‘expensive’ technology and equipment for the arts sector.

Q: Is AmbITion considering webcasting?

BT: Lots of free online video tools already available.  The cost is the opportunity cost, getting someone willing to invest the time in using the tools.

HR: Webcasting not always appropriate.  AmbITion making lots of videos from the process that will be accessible from the website and will be of better quality than the live streamed Digital Britain conference.

Q: How do people cope with this change?

BT: Suggested the Dave Moutrey answer this question as he cut the Cornerhouse’s print budget and went completely digital.

DM: Cornerhouse switched on ticketing and people started using it.  Cornerhouse entry on Wikipedia totally accurate and written by their customers!  People just get on with it.

H&S: Audience largely ‘digital natives’, people who have grown up with the web.  However, the festival’s happen at established arts venues like the Southbank whose audience is largely much older and who came because they normally attend the venue.

They all enjoyed the event!

Break for lunch.

When we get back, an opportunity to get immersed in workshops and seminars.  The options are:

Social Media in Action Workshop

Participation Masterclass with

4iP Masterclass

Intellectual Property Advice Masterclass

I’ll be live blogging from the last two.   Stay tuned…


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