AmbITion North West Roadshow – Plenary Session

This is a live blog of the AmbITion Roadshow North West event at the NOVAS Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool.  If you spot any errors or inaccuracies or would simply like to contribute to the conversation, leave us a comment!

Questions from the floor now for a panel including CJ Lyon who ran the Social Media in Action Workshop, Christian Payne (CP) aka OurManInside who ran the Participation Masterclass, Dave Moutrey (DM) from Cornerhouse, AmbITion project facilitator and Steve Manthorp (SM) from 4iP.

Q: How to manage time whilst using social media tools.

Asked by a gentleman from Redeye, the photography network.

CJ:  It all depends on the aim of the organisation.  Usage and mileage will vary.

SM: The key is finding the right person.  That person has to be recognised as an active part of your marketing team.

If you don’t, a neglected social space is a potentially very damaging tool.   Engaging with social media tools is a rod for your own back.

If you don’t use it you can send out the wrong messages.

CJ: It’s about using the tools that you’re already using more efficiently.  She worked with an artist who started tagging pictures she was already posting on Flickr with specific tags and this allowed further use on her website.

Just by tracking one tag you are using to bookmark content using delicious (the social bookmarking tool) you can automatically populate your website with more information.

CP: Open University use Twitter instead of email.  Found out that 50% of staff were using tools like Twitter and so allowed them to include the Open University URL in their Twitter bios.

Redeye could use a few tags to contribute a lot to Flickr.

DM: Cornerhouse have been brave enough to ditch their paper flyers and gone for pure digital marketing.

Whilst front of house at the venue feel that this is a really bad idea, he is convinced that most of the promotion for Cornerhouse’s events come from word of mouth in the digital space and is really keen to find a way to change the way Cornerhouse does things to accommodate this.

Q: We are talking a lot about Twitter now, what could it be in a few years?

SM: Watch the mobile social networking space.  The real ‘democratiser’ is the mobile phone.

CP: For him it doesn’t matter what is next, there are already lots of Twitter clones out there.  Location based mobile integration of spaces with keywords of interests will be the next thing.

An example:
Graveyards that share information about people in them via textmessaging using Twitter-like  tools.

“When HMS Twitter goes down, lifeboats will carry audiences using Twitter-like applications.”

CJ: Interfaces changing, becoming a lot more tactile based – iPod touch, iPhone.

SM: no real effort made to include ‘digital immigrants’ – older people who aren’t using social media at the moment.  Thinks this is being overlooked.

CP has registered to enable people to share stories told by older people.  If you’re interesting in projects like @granumentally, where he helps his gran tweet about her life and memories, contact him, he adds.

The only thing that stops his gran from engaging is the interface – the need to type.

Kay Wells from Oldham Coliseum shares that the Coliseum is now tweeting with a group of ‘older constituents’ and it’s working well.

People want to get involved.

Hannah now shares the end of event instructions – token for free drink at the remaining event(s) is your lanyard!

Head downstairs for free drinks and announcement of the Liverpool Art Prize.

Drinks on the 3rd floor, Liverpool Art Prize on the ground floor.

And that was it!

Hope you enjoyed the AmbITion Roadshow North West.    Please share your feedback about the event in the comments.

Here are all the day’s proceedings in chronological order:

AmbITion North West Roadshow – Introduction

AmbITion North West Roadshow – Hide and Seek Festival Case Study

AmbITion North West Roadshow – New Writing Partnership Case Study

AmbITion North West Roadshow – Questions From The Floor

AmbITion North West Roadshow – 4iP Workshop

AmbITion North West Roadshow – Own It IP Workshop

AmbITion North West Roadshow – Twitter Participation Master class

AmbITion North West Roadshow – Plenary Session


One response to “AmbITion North West Roadshow – Plenary Session

  1. Had a really good day in Liverpool. Some great presentations – very informative & inspiring. Looking forward to the next meet-up!

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