How To Engage with the AmbITion Roadshow North West Online

And we’re on to the next… The AmbITion roadshow rolls into Liverpools’s Novas Contemporary Urban Centre on Wednesday 22nd April for an action-packed day of events.

Here are details of how you can get involved with the event online.

We are using a number of social media platforms to cover the event. Each is listed below with some instructions on how to participate from the comfort of your desktop.

:: Twitter ::
Twitter, the micro blogging platform du jour, will be used in a number of ways to enable online participation in the AmbITion roadshows.

We will be sharing interesting quotes and thoughts from keynote speakers like the BBC’s Bill Thompson using the AmbITion Twitter account.

:: GetAmbITion Roadshow Blog ::

We will be live blogging the day’s events from right here on the GetAmbITion Roadshow blog:

Bookmark it now!

:: GetAmbITIon Social Network ::

You can also participate in Wednesday’s event by signing up to the AmbITion Roadshow North West social network on Ning.

Sign up to join and get involved!


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