AmbITion Re:connected – Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Case Study

This is a live blog of the AmbITion Re:connected  event at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.  If you spot any errors or inaccuracies or would simply like to contribute to the conversation, leave us a comment!

Millicent Jones and a gentleman whose name I did not catch (Update: James Hanks) from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (RLPO) share what they do with social media, empowered by AmbITion.

Use: YouTube,, MySpace,  facebook, dilettante, blogger, Twitter, iTunes.

Principal conductor now blogs, something a small section of their audience absolutely loves.

Push records through iTunes.

AmbITion drove them to look at their site.  Now developing a new site which is focused on personalisation.  A modular system that pushes people towards social media tools.  Will be driven by what people are doing on the site.

Here are Millicent and Jame’s slides:

Video, audio, downloadable content, programme notes etc etc.

Online ticket sales 20005-2008, trebled number of tickets sold.  Now 45-50% of tickets now sold online.  Will be able to cross-sell on different pages based on where people have been on the site.
Developing the ‘PhilPlayer’ to be used to get people to return to the site.

Content generated from concerts featured.

AmbITion funded a multi-camera set up within the theatre.  RLP then needed training and applied for funding for training to use the set up.   A post created this year for this.  Have created some content from concerts and will be creating content for archives.  Filming both orchestral and non-orchestral events.

Need to fund the post by hiring out the post holder – offer services for filming events to hall hirers.  Have found customers keen to use the service.

AmbITion enabled them to move onto the next level as far as their plans for using digital video within their practice.

Next up: Dada, Disability and Deaf Arts


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