AmbITion Re:connected – Panel – How does using video impact on your artistic practice?

This is a live blog of the AmbITion Re:connected  event at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.  If you spot any errors or inaccuracies or would simply like to contribute to the conversation, leave us a comment!

Panel discussion featuring Jamie Wooldridge from Ludus Dance (LD), Andy Darby from Litfest (LF) and a lady from Hoi Polloi (HP) whose name I couldn’t catch (Update: Louise Coles).

Q from the floor: Hannah Rudman asks how the organisation’s deal with people’s expectations of the live event having watched pre-recorded video on the web.

A: LF – It’s about encouraging audiences to recognise differences.  Live performances create something very different from books in his particular sector, for example.

HP – Hoi Polloi Theatre is about play and using humour to engageF.

LF – The question is how many different fictional characters you include.

LD – it’s a bit like the Mad Men TV show which has spawned countless Twitter accounts of people comfortably tweeting in character.

Q: How does online engagement work in practice?
You have to have parallel ways of engaging with people.  Has a new Facebook friend who he never expected to see on the platform as he was very resistant to change.

LD: Different ways of communicating with people.  Some don’t like blogging so ask them to submit work created in a text editor.

HP: About embracing different ways of engaging with people.
Comment from Sarah Fisher from the Arts Council in the audience:

Hopefully there will be more academic work on how people actually engage with artistic work online.

There isn’t a great deal of research in what works.

Difference between live recording of an event and ‘produced’ recording.  People want both, they want a copy of their experience and then want a polished version they listen to in the car.

Comment from the floor:

Research discovered that people using iPods prefer compressed sound of iPods to high definition audio.   Will be very interesting to see what people want in terms of quality from digital content.

Adrian says we are in the mono 7” days of digital content as opposed to the stereo LP.

Next up: Lessons Learnt and Next Steps


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