AmbITion North East Roadshow – Tyneside Cinema – Social Media Workshop – Caron Lyon

This post forms part of a series live blogged from the AmbITion North East Roadshow of 5th March.

Here’s the introduction by AmbITion project facilitator Dave Moutrey and keynote by Bill Thompson BBC and Guardian freelance journalist.

Read about a real AmbITion case study as Jamie Wooldridge from Ludus Dance presents the dance company’s digital journey before and after joining the AmbITion pilot.

The Participation workshop by popular digital maverick Christian Payne is liveblogged as is Caron Lyon’s well-attended Social Media workshop.

After the workshops, the AmbITion Approach was presented by project director, Hannah Rudman and the day ended with a plenary session featuring a question and answer session with the workshop presenters.


Now on to CJ Lyon‘s session, the Social Media and Mobile Networking Workshop at the AmbITion North East Roadshow.

Housekeeping – switch mobile phones onto silent.   A word on Hashtags.  Apparently you can ‘register’ them online.

Intro to Slideshare link for slides from today’s session.

Onto the workshop proper:

  • Why Am I Here?
  • What is Social Media?
  • Social Media for my organisation
  • Ooh, I didn’t know you could do that.
  • Where do I start?

What is it? Red Dwarf clip helps her put it in context.

Social Media not unlike traditional social games: comics, trading cards, board games, watching TV

An overview of social media platforms. Just learnt about issuu for embedding PDFs.

Key tip: add technology to the way you do things.  Choose whether to Share, Network or Publish.

How you approach info starts to govern what platform you look at.

What makes you different?  Knowing what defines you and what defines your company is what defines your interactions: identity, brand, philosophy etch.

Caron illustrates what she uses as her identity/avatar online.  Descriptions include:

Web Designer, social media starlet, Equity UK campaigner for independent artists, CJ, pcmcreative.

Make sure that your username is consistent.

Digital Footprint – search Google for ‘documentally’ to see millions of pages showing Christian Payne’s activity online

The 5 Steps:

Arrive – choose which platform you want to be own, personally preference is fine!

Listen – are the message boards active?

Ask – people on the Internet like to provide assistance.

Provide – help those who ask, those coming on after you

Advise – after enough of the previous, people will start coming to you for advice.

Where to go – The Current Buzz: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Delicious, Digg, LinkedIn.

Top tip: “People don’t follow a platform they follow your brand.  If you have to move, make an announcement and if people want to, they will follow you.”

Now discussing Twitter – what you can get out it.

Someone at the workshop questions what you can do with Twitter.  Caron mentions Twitter Grader, using #hashtags to find trends, start conversations and see how they are being followed round the web.

Moves on to how to use Twitter.  Tweetdeck, desktop and web applications.  SpinVox which allows you to convert voice messages into texts, emails.   Can publish to Twitter instantaneously.

Rich Media & The Arts – media sharing, audience engagement, audience research

Where do you start?

Real life example:

Artist Gill Lee Smith online as Gilfings Designs who now tags images of her dolls onto Flickr using #glsdolls

Her blog was read by an art gallery in San Fransisco.  They now buy most of her work before it is created.

Mobile technology simplifies things – most artists are so busy perfecting their art that they aren’t as IT-savvy.  However, almost all have a mobile phone.

Mobile technologies for the arts:

Shozu – lifestreaming and media sharing site.  Use to share your media on all the sites you use – Flickr etc…

Jaiku – If you don’t have a wireless connection use this to connect to life streaming applications.

Use Facebook for niche target marketing for events.

Practical example of Facebook marketing:

Shift Happens 2008 – creative industries and converging technologies event.

Facebook group created.

11 well selected Facebook groups targeted

Facebook potential audience – 63,385

Search groups on Facebook, join, start conversations.  Start Meta Groups on Facebook.   A collection of Facebook groups all concerned with the same issues, simply linking each one.

Currently stands out at 600 members!

Offer discounts to members.

Now onto Ning – measurable statistics using Google Analytics that you can take to a funding organisation.

Here’s the AmbITion Ning social network for the North East region.

Make it work by:

Keep it simple.

Work out your involvement

Make time for a ‘social media schedule’

Let us know on the Ning site which service you decide to use first!

That’s that done… Now on to the AmbITion Approach by Hannah Rudman


2 responses to “AmbITion North East Roadshow – Tyneside Cinema – Social Media Workshop – Caron Lyon

  1. hi
    saw this workshop in Liverpool and have been trying to follow up – no notes from that event and particularly interested in the pdf file sharing mentioned doubly frustrated as my ning page seems to have decided I’m not who I said I was?!

  2. CJ - pcmcreative

    Hi Ben, we have exchanged messages in the NW network. Have all your questions been answered? I love the PDF file embed too its a great idea and they look good on the page. Plus free is always a bonus.

    Lets get you sorted. I see from your post here you are having problems with accessing the network as well.

    Your comment here is in relation to the NE workshop which was live blogged in Newcastle. Sadly the session in Liverpool was not live blogged hence no notes. The slideshow is available on slideshare

    The Liverpool social media session was very different from the Newcastle event which may be why it is not familiar. The hands on session is running in Brighton on Friday so any notes from there will have greater parallels to the workshop you participated in.

    The network access? Are you still having difficulties?

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