AmbITion North East Roadshow – Tyneside Cinema – Plenary Session

This post forms part of a series live blogged from the AmbITion North East Roadshow of 5th March.

Here’s the introduction by AmbITion project facilitator Dave Moutrey and keynote by Bill Thompson BBC and Guardian freelance journalist.

Read about a real AmbITion case study as Jamie Wooldridge from Ludus Dance presents the dance company’s digital journey before and after joining the AmbITion pilot.

The Participation workshop by popular digital maverick Christian Payne is liveblogged as is Caron Lyon’s well-attended Social Media workshop.

After the workshops, the AmbITion Approach was presented by project director, Hannah Rudman and the day ended with a plenary session featuring a question and answer session with the workshop presenters.


A panel made up of the workshop leaders now discuss issues raised today.

Public Entitlement – it’s not about money necessarily, a lot of the tools are free.  National Theatre of Wales are of the opinion that if not engaging with audiences online they are not engaging ‘properly’.

The Tate website has received 18 million visitors, average stay is 20 minutes, more than people physically stay in the museum!

So it is needed and it works.

Q:  How will the AmbITion project be taken forward?

A: In the North east, there are plans to support organisations at developing ecommerce models, will extend social networking workshops.  Will also look at further workshops for people not present at today’s Roadshow.

AmbITion Roadshows continue over the summer, with programme running until October.

Suggestion to have an advice session for organisations starting out.

Advice from Own-It on looking at intellectual property rights, disclaimers.  May be further down the line but contact Own-It for further help!

Use the tools out there, there are more people willing to help you than you know.

Use the AmbITion North East Ning social network to share what your first steps are.   It could be a really powerful collaboration tool for all.

Surgeries from Arts Council officers will increasingly signpost using digital resources as they learn them.

Report on RFID project ‘the eye thing at the bar’

It’s not just creating an interesting art piece.

The interest is in how the way technology is used in a building can be used to trigger interesting things.  Going beyond switching on light bulbs.

Every time you tapped in, info about where and where you tapped in were sent back in to ‘the mother ship’.

Some cool graphs showing how much an attendee, Tom Higham spent in each room being used for the roadshow.

On the other end, there was another attendee who didn’t tap in when entering any rooms!

The funny side is that 118 people who participated can have printouts of their activity during the day.

Next official item – to the bar.

Am I pleased to hear that!


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